Above: Spotted moray eel.

Left: Yellowhead jawfish.

Right: Quilfin blenny in a yellow sponge.

Above: Small green turtle.

Right: Red seahorse.

A pair of frogfish. The much smaller orange male is sitting under the female.

Book Description

Murder Dives the Caribbean

Cinnamon Greene and her boyfriend Danny Decker are scuba diving at night off a Caribbean island when a dead body plummets through the water and lands on the sand in front of them. The deceased planned to build a golf course that many believed would pollute the ocean. The suspects in his death include the owners of the resort where Danny and Cinnamon are staying.

A part-time forensic photographer for her home town police force, Cinnamon uncovers a tangled trail of clues involving unlikely liaisons, an old book and unrequited love that culminates in a terrifying night spent drifting in shark infested waters. Available as a Kindle ebook and in paperback: http://tinyurl.com/MurderDivestheCaribbean

Copyright © 2016 Bonnie J. Cardone

All rights reserved

Reader Comment:

“...an intriguing mystery entangled with an enigma above and below the sea....A true compelling story that puts Bonnie J. Cardone in the first rank of mystery writers.” — Clive Cussler, New York Times Best Selling author