Bonnie J. Cardone
When I was little, my mother read to me and my three siblings before we went to bed. The books included those given to my dad when he was a boy: the Wizard of Oz series, Huckleberry Finn
, Tom Sawyer, Poppy Ott and Jerry Todd. When I learned to read, I reread them.

My family moved from a tiny town in Arizona to Chicago when I was in the third grade and my class took a trip to a public library. There, everyone filled out an application for a library card. The library was only two blocks from my home. For the next several years, I would go to the library after school, check out the maximum number of books allowed (seven) and read them. When I returned them the next day, I took out seven more. It wasn’t all that long before I had read all of the children’s books that interested me and was allowed to borrow books from the adult section.

It was only natural, I think, that I wanted to write books from an early age. Since I had fallen in love with mysteries through the Nancy Drew series, it was mysteries I wanted to write. I took five writing courses through UCLA Extension in Westwood, CA. I joined Mystery Writers of America and, for about ten years, was part of an amazing writing group. Almost everyone in it became a prolific, successful published author and all of them were incredibly kind and helpful to me.

My fiction writing came to a halt when I became an editor/writer/photographer for a scuba mag
azine. I was there 22 years and it took most of my creative energy.
After being downsized in 1999, I once again began writing mysteries. I also sought to educate myself about a world I knew little about. To learn about police procedures,  I enrolled in two Citizens’ Police Academies. To make sense of forensics, I took a six-week long ULCA extension class and attended a weekend conference. I also attended 15 mystery conventions and several writing workshops as
well as joining several Sisters in Crime and MWA e-mail lists where every subject related to writing is discussed in detail.

The result of all this preparation are the short stories and the novel (more to come) that are the reason for this website. I hope you will be intrigued enough to give them a try. They can be purchased via the link provided. Enjoy!


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